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No, the real pity is that they did not burn down Zeneca Mogen. The fact that
fungicides are used, and increasingly so in the Netherlands, has more to do
with totally irresponsible farmers and companies who nowadays even grow
potatoes every year in the same fields (which is completely insane), refuse to
use less fungus disease susceptible potatovarieties and refuse to take proper
care of their soils, but than blame organic farmers for the spread of
phytophtora. How crazy do you want to get? The companies who lobbied so
strongly on the European Parliament to not be hold liable for environmental
and human health damage when they occur, deserve only one thing: to be burned

Rick Roush wrote:

> >Dutch anti genetech action
> >Resistance is Fertile Action week
> >From:
> >
> >Date sent: Fri, 7 Apr 2000
> >Dear all!
> >Here's what happened in the Netherlands for the Resistance is
> >Fertile Action Week!
> >In the early morning of Thursday April 6, 25 activists symbolically
> >blocked off a biotech research facility Zeneca Mogen, in Leiden,
> >the Netherlands. This research facility concentrates on building
> >fungi resistance in plants, namely potatoes.
> What a pity. Around the world, fungal diseases of potato are controlled
> with fungicides, some of which are of considerable concern as carcinogens.
> These potatoes may actually reduced risks to human health.
> Rick
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