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Re: Is substantial equivalence scientific ?

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Jaan Suurkula

At 19:52 1999-06-15 +0100, you wrote:
>It appears that in reviewing GM foods for consumption the relevant bodies
>look to see if the novel food is "substantially equivalent" to an existing
>natural product.
>Is there a definition of exactly what "substantially equivalent" means in
>terms of a genetically modified organism.
>I don't see how such a term can have any scientific meaning unless it
>relates to specific properties of the organism which can be measured. The
>word "substantially" also implies that there is some way of knowing if
>differences in the measured properties are significant or not.
>Perhaps somebody could shed some light on this. It would be particularly
>interesting if there were examples of foods that passed, failed and were
>considered as borderline against this test.

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