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Austin, you may be correct that lumping all genetically modified
vegetables, grains, fruits, animals, fish, and trees together as evil is
probably not useful in the longterm but people are angry.  Angry because
the chemical corporations and government officials who have bought their
line, for whatever reasons, first tried to slide these products onto the
market without any notice.  Then they refused to separate the GM foods from
the traditional foods.  They refused to label the GM foods so people could
sensibly make a choice.  And they continue to stonewall the overwhelming
majority of the public of the world by blocking any reasonable regulation
in international political bodies.  The corporations want their products on
the market now, they want their monetary returns now.  They are not willing
to wait for testing, for validation of safety or danger.  They would rather
spend their money buying public relations campaigns.  If the corporations'
opponents use emotional arguments and and termiology (Frankenfoods,
Terminator) they are only playing the game.  You must remember, so far as I
know no corporation has stopped producing a toxic substance because it is
toxic.  As a matter of fact they never stop production, they only limit
where they deliver the stuff (Silent Spring was published nearly 40 years
ago and they are still producing DDT, they are increasing their production
of cigarettes).  I am certainly not damning GM technology and I doubt that
many on this list would, but I will damn the methods by which the products
of that technology is being jammed down our throats.  Before these plants
ever get into food processing they should be thoroughly tested to make sure
they are safe in the environment.  Then they should be processed and the
foods tested to make certain they can be safely consumed (and they must be
tested in their final form, not as pesticides are each tested in isolation
when they combine in our environment and in our bodies).  Finally when put
on the market they should be labeled.  So long as none of these actions are
being taken voluntarily by corporations or govenments, then any words or
actions used by consumers is pretty much tit-for-tat.

Don Maroc
Vancouver Island, Canada