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Re: patents

On Wed, 16 Jun 1999, Austin Tanney wrote:
> On the point of money. Any industry makes money, or it doesn't exist.
> If the by product of making money happened to be curing cancer or
> curing AIDS... who cares? If you are against the making of money
> through science, how will any drug ever be produced? Out of the good
> ness of peoples hearts?

Here's an example on AIDS and patents:

In South Africa, an estimated 3.2 million people are infected with the
HIV virus (45% of the military forces, 20% of pregnant mothers).
These desperate people can't afford the AIDS treatments, because the
AIDS drugs are way too expensive (some $12'000/person/year, compared
with the average S.A. income of $2'600/year).  The South African gov't
would like to import/produce cheaper versions of the AIDS drugs, but
the U$ drug corporations and U$ VP Gore don't "allow" this (threatening
trade restrictions), because they want to keep the worldwide profits high
and insist on their PATENTS.  (Note that these drugs were developed with
tax money, in part.)

For details on this and on "Health Care and Intellectual Property" in
general, see: