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Re: patents


I don't understand your response here. I am advocating a diminuishing 
of large comanies through competition from small companies.
You seem to be disagreeing with all that I have said without actually 
explaining why you disagree or arguing your own point. I disagree 
with any form of monopolisation. Particularly in the Biotech 
industry. This was the point of my last E-mail. I believe patenting 
helps prevent the development of monopolies. What exactly do you 
disagree with here and why. Your reply seems to agree with my points. 
On the point of money. Any industry makes money, or it doesn't exist. 
If the by product of making money happened to be curing cancer or 
curing AIDS... who cares? If you are against the making of money 
through science, how will any drug ever be produced? Out of the good 
ness of peoples hearts?

> On the effects on *small* companies, OK there will be proses for them. But in a 
> deal where those small companies will earn 1$ (just a figure), the large ones 
> will earn 4 $.
> So what will you tell me. Wel earning monety is not a shame. earning
> more money than one's neighbour is not a shame neither. But if the ratio is
> so large that some companies can think of controling the whole alimentary
> chain, then I think there is something rotten in the kingdom of patentability ;)
> And the worse is that even if everybody earned 4$ (even me !!!),
> patenting life should even not be considered.
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