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Zenecca tomato

You speak of the Zenneca tomato as an achievement.

Let me quote Nature vol 398 22 april 1999 p.651 :
<<Scientists " do not know everything in advance" says Buhk, adding
that unexpected events cannot be ruled out. He points to a tomato
developed by the British company Zeneca that was designed to have
an increased shelf life, using antisense technology directed against the 
polygalacturonase gene that causes ripening. Acocoridng to Buhk, th ebest 
performing line was in fact caused by an unpredicted 'sense' event (gene 
activation). "This was a rare event, either a contamination or a chance 
turnaround [in the genome]," he says >>

Buhk is Hans-Jorg Buhk, director of the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin.

No comment.

Let me notice that the research "against" GMO is rarely from the U$A,
except for the monarch that is a "local " butterfly.