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Re: petition


>What do you mean by no patentability? No patentability of what 

of any life organism or part of it (Thanks, I should have written it).

>Also I think that you go too far when you sy no genetic modification of 
>animals at all. To use an old saying, you are throwing the baby out 
>with the bathwater. The potential for good that can come from genetic 
>mod. of animals is enormous.

I had precisely an answer to that when I wrote it. But I prefer to answer your 
question by an other question :

what gene are we forced to insert in animals that we could not
put in a plant ?

OK, putting those genes in animals could make drugs *a little cheaper*.
But that's all. It would be possible to put those genes in plants and let them 
in confined rooms.

This very last possibility is tolerated by the way I wrote my program.

It's also a way of seing animals : they are not tools. I've been said that 
dairy producers in U$A call cows = milk production unit !

In France some call the growers of porc, producers of porcs !

So I maintain.

Moreover, you write :
>To dismiss it outright is like saying 
>"penicillin was a bad discovery because bacteria can become resistant to 

IN your analogy, I would have said that the way penicillin has been
used was bad. If you disagree, I'm sorry.

Let me remind you of the fact that owing to patentability, some researchs
will be stoped by th epublic research. Of course, if you trust with no
limit in the market and the companies, it may not disturb you.

About this, please go and see for some consequences of
patentability and the control of the whole alimentary chain.

And remember the red number of Mon$atan and Pinkerton...

In Europe, it should be more striking than anywhere else : it's a world
of denonciation, big brother.
And it all relies on patentability. Suppress it and it all falls down.