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What do you mean by no patentability? No patentability of what 

Also I think that you go too far when you sy no genetic modification of 
animals at all. To use an old saying, you are throwing the baby out 
with the bathwater. The potential for good that can come from genetic 
mod. of animals is enormous. To dismiss it outright is like saying 
"penicillin was a bad discovery because bacteria can become resistant to 

> Date:          Tue, 15 Jun 1999 10:37:19 +0200 (MET DST)
> From:          Herve LE MEUR <>
> Reply-to:      Herve LE MEUR <>
> Subject:       petition
> To:  ,,

> HI,
> Thanks of your answer for a petition against GMOs.
> But I am not a citizen of USA and your petition is devoted to those from U$A.
> Please, remember that there are not only consumers of the USA,
> but also citizens of other countries (notice the difference citizen/consumer).
> Why wouldn't we make a world-wide petition on :
> -No patentability
> -No GMO in agriculture and alimentation
> -No Genetical Modification of any animal
> I think this could be a basic plateform on which a large amount of persons
> could agree. Thierry Raffin or me could provide the web site for
> such a petition from opponents to GMOs neutral from the political point of view.
> do you have any opinion ?
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