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Dear Rick,

>Allergies occur to the protein produced, not DNA. 

Do you mean there would be no allergy possible if eating
a DNA ? Whatever might be the DNA ? (see after before answering please)

Then, alimentary allergies should be caused only by the proteins
produced by the plants and not by the DNA of the plants by themselves ?

But then only by washing them we could prevent everybody from
having any allergy !!!!

I cannot understand why only the aminoacids could trigger allergies and not
the four bases GATC.

>a shortened 
>version of the Bt gene (and protein), which leaves fewer sites on the 
>protein to elicit allergies.
Once again, I'm not a specialist but, according to what I've learnt
on the list,
allergy is not defined by only a sequence of aminoacids (or bp ? cf
question above) :
If the molecule gets into a ball, only those sites that are "outside" the ball
will be recognized.

I've been said that allergenicity is tested only through weighting the molecules 
or withy numerical simulation to guess the sahape of the molecule.

You guess such methods must not be reliable.