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re: natural protections

Hi Rick,

Not sure what that was all about, but it's good to see some realistic 

viewpoints. I'm with you all the way here. - I always buy all organic
produce when ever I can get it (and UK commercial supplies are getting
better all the time). I know my health and the environment is better
off for it. I'll very happily pay the extra. - But I'd be quite 
unconcerned if it were GM AND organic! 

Man has been using toxic plants as "natural porotectorants" for
thousands of years. Try to build some of these useful things into a
crop plant and again the "frankenstein foodsters" are up in arms, -
whilst happily still consuming thousands of far less well researched
(beneficial - or not) compounds in herbs and "natural" remedies.


Hi Herve:

I'll be happy to look up this information.  However, I have never had 
"a will  to ensure millions of  ha of (GE)  crops", only to use the 
tools available to minimise the effect of pesticide use on man and 
the environment, where there are no human health risks, as with
Bt cotton.