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The kosher certification authorities originally believed the analysis of the 
industry that these foods did not present a kosher problem. Now that more 
facts have been brought to their attention, they are looking at the issue 
again. There are some rabbis who maintain that potatoes, tomatoes and so 
forth with animal genes may well be not kosher. This becomes a much more 
serious problem in light of not only the lack of labeling, but also pollen 
drift and contamination of non-tampered crop fields. The violation of the 
prohibition against grafting seeds is also an issue, as mentioned earlier.

In the US there is a lawsuit before the FDA to obtain mandatory safety 
testing and labeling of all GT crops. The plaintiffs include 9 
life-scientists and 17 members of the clergy, including 3 rabbis (one of them 
Orthodox) and ministers from various denominations. These members of the 
clergy are claiming a violation of religious freedom. The lawyer's name is 
Steven M. Druker.

- Nina

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 > Therefore, genetic tampering of plants violates my religious convictions 
 > my religious freedom, particularly when the plants are not labeled. This is
 > not a Luddite position -- again, we have always supported scientific 
 > but we also recognize that science, like everything else in our physical
 > world, has limits, and these limits are clearly defined by our tradition.
 > Genetic tampering of plants oversteps those limits.
 This is very important in my eyes.  Does anyone know if Kosher labelling
 takes into consideration the possibility of transgenic crops being used?
 (This is possibly the wrong group to ask...)
 Trevor Lien