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Re: Fw: GMO=plant-expressed protectant !

The problem with genetically tampered food, and the reason why I am involved 
in this movement, is that it potentially contaminates organic agriculture in 
two ways: (1) pollen drift, and (2) pesticide/herbicide resistance. I have 
researched many different brands of tofu, for example, and even when they are 
"certified organic" they are unable to guarantee me that their sources are 
not genetically tampered.

A large part of the movement against genetically tampered food is an effort 
to segregate, label and inform the public. In the US, almost nobody knows 
that they are eating genetically tampered food. As word is starting to get 
out -- just in the last few weeks -- we are told endlessly that there is no 
difference between genetic tampering and traditional crossbreeding. Consumers 
can only be as powerful as their information and the availability of their 
product. Genetically tampered milk, for example, is illegal in most parts of 
the world, but US consumers have no idea they are consuming it, and the FDA 
won't tell them, nor will the media, nor will their doctors.

- Nina

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<< I didn't post my latest response to the list Herve, so here it is.
 Bill Brooks
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 That's the whole idea Herve!  If you choose to consume organic rather than
 gmo you have made a statement to the industry that it feels more than words
 on a discussion list.  You hit them in the pocketbook!  And like it or not,
 you are a consumer!  From the food you eat to the clothes on your back - if
 you purchase it, you consume it.
 Bill Brooks