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Re: GMO=plant-expressed protectant !

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Herve LE MEUR wrote:
> Aren't they stupid ? Who has the real power ? citizens, consumers or
> scientists ? Of course, the consumers may make demonstrations, but
> scientist will have the very last word.

Please remember, Herve, that they are all the same person!  Scientists
are simply consumers and citizens who represent those of us with a
lesser scientific knowledge.  The same way that Teachers are Citizens
who represent the rest of us in decisions related to teaching; in the
same way that Civil Engineers represent the rest of us in deciding where
and how to design roads & bridges.  We all have the same basic values
and principles - we all come from the same pool of citizenry.  
It's not "Consumers" against "Scientists" - if it was, of course the
scientists would win - they're the ones the consumers elected to
represent them through the complex system of educational and
professional selection that has evolved over the last 2000 years or so. 
The alternative to the scientists winning (in this abstract scenario) is
the collapse of the human development mechanism.  Fortunately, this is
NOT the scenario.  There are Scientists on both sides just as there are
consumers on both sides.  Whether non-experts have too much or not
enough  say in scientific decision making seems to be a popular question
- but we can not say that it's "Us" against "Them".  "They" ARE "Us"!

I don't think many people participate in these groups to destroy
development or communication; we just want to provide a layer of
security and ensure that food safety and security are values prominent
in our societies decision makers.

Trevor Lien.

PS "Aren't they stupid ?" - the answer is no.  If you are considering
this issue, you are not stupid.  Two perfectly intelligent people CAN
come to different conclusions given the same information.