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Re: GE domestic plantsa nyone/

I know the Dutch name of the flower that has been engineered to make it
stay fresh longer. It is : Anjer. Unfortunately I do not know the english
name, I believe it is something like Carnation or something like that. It
is actually one of the GE products allowed by the European Commission.
More engineering of the same flower is taking place. Unfortunately some
companies in my own country are very active in this field. One company
called Florigene is the one that put the GE flower on the market.
Your friend can contact me for more details. be also advised that at least
here in the Netherlands, more and more houseplants are developed by
tissueculture and other artificial techniques. The plants indeed also look
artificial. This particularly struck me when I was in Ireland last year
and visited a Nursery Centre, where all plants were still developed the
real way, from seeds. It is quite a difference. All these artificial
techniques make plants much more vulnerable and weaker in my opinion.
wytze wrote:

> Wytze,
> Thanks for that Wytze. Much of the heated debate has got me right off
> my original subject for this group which was simply with regard to
> house plants. My "lets have it" refers to me asking you for leads,
> academic or whatever. You seemed to suggest you had actual examples
> the "flowers" (or was this just hype?).
> Your statement that it is "very very easy" to clone most houseplants I
> find unsuprising also. Remember I'm not proposing that any of this
> stuff is a good idea or not, but it's too interesting for people to
> ignore.
> It is for this reason, that I was just looking for contacts or info
> about GM interior (domestic) houseplants. - As a favour to a friend
> who is starting to write a dissertation, and she is not currently web
> connected. She would benefit from any lively review of the subject. I
> am not trying to suggest whether the practice itself is or is not a
> good idea. (Even though it sounds pretty funky).
> I have found one or two possible leads already from the group, and
> I'll pass these on.
> Best Regards,
> Justin.