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Re: GE domestic plantsa nyone/


Thanks for that Wytze. Much of the heated debate has got me right off
my original subject for this group which was simply with regard to
house plants. My "lets have it" refers to me asking you for leads,
academic or whatever. You seemed to suggest you had actual examples 
the "flowers" (or was this just hype?). 

Your statement that it is "very very easy" to clone most houseplants I
find unsuprising also. Remember I'm not proposing that any of this
stuff is a good idea or not, but it's too interesting for people to

It is for this reason, that I was just looking for contacts or info
about GM interior (domestic) houseplants. - As a favour to a friend
who is starting to write a dissertation, and she is not currently web
connected. She would benefit from any lively review of the subject. I
am not trying to suggest whether the practice itself is or is not a
good idea. (Even though it sounds pretty funky). 

I have found one or two possible leads already from the group, and
I'll pass these on.

Best Regards,