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Re: GE domestic plantsa nyone/

Justin, I know many people have become allergenic for religious talks,
mainly because of hypocrisy and crimes from religious institutions. I
always regret because I find it fascinating. However, of course I respect
your position.
On the GE flowers and houseplants: NO, let's not have it. There is no
real reason. Also, I think Nina pointed out that GE in crops is always
closely connected with patents. Now this could of course happen to
houseplants but also impossible to control. It's very, very easy to clone
most houseplants.
wytze wrote:

> Wytze.
> Well I'm afraid you'll get little more comment out of me if you start
> to involve any more God garbage. I could equally express my extreme
> sorrow that insecure, sad and misinformed people have to resort to
> such absurd props. Anyway, I've got better things to do than argue
> about such worthless subjects, so don't even try.
> However, if as you imply, you actually do have some real useful
> information for me along the lines of what I wanted, this could
> actually be handy. "It's already happening with flowers". Let's have
> it then.
> Thanks,
> Justin.