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Re: GE domestic plantsa nyone/


for these companies to recoup their research investment to create this 
Frankenfood, they have to plant millions and millions of acres of it and 
require farmers to re-purchase seed year after year. In fact, one of the 
objections to genetic tampering -- in fact, the primary objection in 
countries like India and Ethiopia -- is that it will force a monoculture on 
the world and stop farmers from saving and exchanging seed, thereby 
subjecting the world to worldwide blight and impoverishment. It's not 
profitable to create genetically tampered food without these conditions.

How about if we stop thinking in terms of how clever we can be with our 
tampering with nature by creating new life forms with our own hands, and 
start thinking about how clever we can be in co-operating with nature by 
allowing God's life forms to flourish as intended?

- Nina