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GE domestic plantsa nyone/

Hi List.

I'm and electronic engineer with a passing interest in this subject.

I have a friend who is planning a degree dissertation about
interior/ornamental plants and their environments. (The sort so things
contractors put in your offices). These plants take an exceptional
amount of abuse (drought, dry air, overwatering, lack of light,
incorrect light frequencies,... Often they suffer and die.

So isn't there a great commercial opportunity to use GE techniques in
a very benign environment where no one will be eating the plants, and
they will not be going to seed or spreading any seeds into the outside
(and if they did they wouldn't survive). The GE modified
office-tolerant super plant? It sound's great to me. 

So as final chapter to her project, I suggested she research GE
houseplants! She's not currently web connected so I'm put out a few
feelers as a favour.

Any commercial opportunities or interest here? 

Justin Needham


Further to the recent stuff on the list. I don't have any problems
eating any GE modified food  - provided it's organically grown and not
sprayed with insecticides and herbicides... And that's one main reason
for doing it in the first place, so I guess I won't get to eat much of