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Re: Risks GE-food vs. Conventional breeding

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<< Analogy: To state that cycling is a more efficient way of transport
 than is walking in terms of energy required/covered distance isn't
 really saying that 'We (?) are better than Nature and/or God'. The
 technology is just better suited for our needs  than natural
 locomotion. With needs as applied to crop breeding I mean; accuracy,
 speed and ease of 'implementation' of a particular trait.

If, in your analogy, you had said that 'chopping both legs off and welding a 
skateboard onto your backside is a more efficient way of transport and does 
this make us think we are better etc.' then I could see the connection to GE 
food. But cycling?
At the end of the day, is GE food necessary, or is it science for the sake of 
Are we going to prevent millions of people starving to death by selling them 
seed that is dependant upon costly pesticides and then not allow the farmers 
to save it to sow the following year? (Remembering they will have to borrow 
the money to buy the seed + pesticide in the first place) 

I think not.