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Re: B-GE: GE Industry Propaganda on Labelling

Dear Adrian:  In Italian Monsanto means Saintly Mountain:  Its a burial ground!

BettyAt 01:45 PM 5/30/99 +0200, Adrian Valls wrote:
>Monsanto in Spanish means "Holy Hill". By changing the "e" gene in the 
>"genetic sequence" just a little, (actually we're not changing much, just 
>one tiny
>"gene") we get: "Holy Hell"!
>I love substantial equivalence!!!:-)
>Adrian Valls
>wytze wrote:
>> Thanks for the article!!! I took a deep breath and thought: 
>> Looking for the meaning this came up:  ATTACK and RESIST GENETIC HELL!!!!!!
>> Peter M. Ligotti wrote:
>> > The Latest GE Industry Propaganda on Labelling
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