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Re: Risks GE-food vs. Conventional breeding

Dear mr. Deelstra,
I took a look at the website you mention below. I went to the section:
genetic engineering versus conventional breeding. It contains no news
for me, except the arguments got even worse. Before, the argument was
that genetic engineering was better than cellfusion, where varieties
from the same species are fused that do not mix naturally anymore. I
agreed with the fact that cellfusion is a very doubtfull technique.
However, since all the risks are not known it is not possible to say
what is worse. To argue now that GE is better than conventional
breeding, because it is more precise is really saying: "we are better
than nature" or for religious people "we are better than God". Well, if
you share that position, I have a few questions to you:  please explain
me in all details all about what happens in conventional breeding.  I
want to see your 100% understanding. I also would like to see the 100%
understanding of what happens in GE.  The webpage states something like:
the genetic structure of man, animals, plants and bacteria are
identical. Do you know what is meant by that? To my knowledge this
statement is either wrong or at least not the full truth and certainly
not the only point to take into consideration and therefore wrong. I
learn that genes are NOT the same, they have differences.
My point is: Mankind has lived since its beginning on conventional
breeding. Official policy is that GE foods should be not less safe than
conventional food, that's something else than  "the benefits outweigh
the risks" as the website does. Whose benefits?? Whose risks?? Do you
Wytze de Lange

Heine J. Deelstra wrote:

> I nice webpage to check out:
> This page also compares the risks of GE-crops as opposed to
> conventionally bred crops.
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