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Deep Inside the "Rational" Thinking of the GE Industry

Here's a quick trip
Deep Inside the "Rational" Thinking of the GE Industry

"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a
revolutionary act." George Orwell

A Much More Accurate Portrayal of Henry I. Miller's
"Rational Approach to Labeling Biotech-Derived Foods"


Volume 666, Number 45 Issue 698 of 29 May 1999, pp. 564 - 786


A Pseudo-Rational Approach to Labeling Biotech-Derived Foods

Commentary on the Genetic Engineering
Industry and it's Pseudo-Science by Peter M. Ligotti

Scientists around the world are using recombinant DNA
techniques to improve plants.

  >Notice how they put their main baseless presupposition right up
   front. They have not said anything at all, but here comes the
   conclusion that GE plants are improved. No reason, no explanation,
   no evidence, no short-term human studies, no long-term human studies,
   just the assumption, just the literally baseless presupposition
   that these plants are not only safe for humans and the environment,
   but that they are "improved." Ridiculous !!

   Right from the get-go it's obvious that this is the baseless
   opinion of fraudulent, fake, pretend, flunky, "science," -- when
   the conclusion they want is right up front, and all the rest of their
   play-pretend "pseudo-science" then follows. But it does not
   follow logically or otherwise. For example, let's
   see what's next.....

These transgenic plants can have enhanced resistance to pests,
disease, drought, salinity, frost, and herbicides, as well as
enhanced nutritional
value, improved processing characteristics, and better taste.

   >More baseless theory and presuppositions especially with
    "enhanced nutritional value." the way... excuse me
    Mr brilliant this
    "food" to eat?   OH YES.
    How do you know?
                                  WE THINK IT'S not only safe but..
                                  SUBSTANTIALLY EQUIVILENT.
                                  We can assure you that it's safe.
                                  Just like we can assure you
                                  that it's improved. Our nutritional
                                  value is much better. We assure you.
                                  Yes we certainly do assure you.
                                  We know because we're real smart.
                                  The FDA and USDA says it's ok.
                                  We don't need any independent
                                  third party long-term human testing.
                                  We are scientists and we use big words.
                                  We can assure you we know everything.
                                  You do not want labelling. WE REPEAT.
                                  You do not want labelling. You might
                                  get the wrong idea like this food
                                  is somehow experimental, untested,
                                  or unproven. We don't want you
                                  thinking that. Definitely not.
                                  We do not need any long-term testing.
                                  We just need profitability, er...I
                                  mean our pure and holy ambition is to
                                  FEED THE WORLD after all with Round-up
                                  engorged mutated
                                  mean genetically enhanced products...
                                  er...I mean biotech enhanced products...
                                  And look how smart we are, we even
                                  have referrences at the end
                                  of our corporate propaganda !!

In 1998, they were
cultivated on about 69.5 million acres (1).

   >Finally a statement that can be backed up. Yes these experimental
    crops have been planted on 69.5 million acres. This amounts to
    a criminal act based on the above baseless fantasy and their
    presupposition that these pesticide engorged
    crops are an improvement over Nature.

   >If this text is an example of a "rational" approach
    I shudder at what they might do next.

                                   STOP COMPLAINING and eat your
                                   genetically engineered food !!

In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is responsible
for ensuring the safety and profitability of the Biotech Industry....


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The author is at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University, Stanford, CA
94305, USA, and is an Adjunct Scholar, Competitive Enterprise Institute,
Washington, DC 20036, USA. E-mail:

Ms. Renske van Staveren, Coordinator
International Forum on Food & Agriculture (IFA)
c/o Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP)
2105 First Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN, USA  55404-2505
ph: 612-870-3423       fax: 612-870-4846>
"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a
revolutionary act."  George Orwell

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