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Who's Job To Prove Causality? Aspartame's Bad Effects From GE Bacteria

Who's Job Is It To Prove Causality?
Aspartame's Bad Effects From GE Bacteria

May 27, 1999

I think it was Monsanto's job to try to figure out
why Aspartame has so many ill effects BEFORE they
decided to market it. Excuse me, but that's not my job.
That Aspartame is made by GE bacteria is clearly
reason enough for me personally to avoid it and for me to
warn others. I don't have to be responsible for Monsanto's
multiple screw-ups and/or to prove anything to David Wengraf
or to anyone else.

Does David Wengraf believe that
insulin should be stealthfully administered to
healthy people without their knowledge or consent?
Probably not. So why does he think it's ok to do this
with Aspartame and/or GE food?

(GE food is given out stealthfully and unlabelled
 to the healthy masses, and the FDA in the U.S. hides
 the negative effects of Aspartame from the
 so-far healthy masses)

All I have to do is
show the irresponsible behavior of the GE industry --
that they have been marketing something dangerous;
that they have been marketing something with unknowable
and unpredictable long-term effects to human beings; that
they have been working with the FDA in the U.S. to hide
the multifarious negative side effects of Aspartame after
those nasty effects emerged; that they plan to GE the entire food
supply, etc. etc. etc.

People who need insulin do a personal cost/benefit
risk assessment and then make their well-reasoned decision.
But who needs GE food or Aspartame? (hint: NOBODY !)
Who doesn't need it? (hint: EVERYONE !)

As I have said many times, people deserve long-term
peer reviewed studies and a total long-term examination
of all the risks before exposing them to GE food,
insulin, Apartame, or any other controversial product.
(simple truth)

The GE industry wants
to obfuscate and confuse drugs, traditional
crossbreeding and genetically engineered food
(including Aspartame -- for example
by using the term "BIOTECHNOLOGY.")
I personally guarantee that that overall strategy simply
isn't going to work -- In fact, I personally guarantee
that it will fail miserably.

Thank you Mr. Wengraf for providing me
with more evidence of that fact. (via your
thinking and believing that you have
created a good and powerful analogy
here regarding insulin and Aspartame)

Peter Michael Ligotti

>Labelling of course means that when bad effects are caused by
>Aspartame, we can convincingly show correlation
>and possibly causation, and therefore empirically
>demonstrate those bad health effects of Aspartame.
Fine. No complaints here.

>Because Aspartame is so bad, we logically
>and theoretically therefore cannot fully trust
>any other GE products.
Why not? Is there any indication that the genetic
modification caused these health problems, not some
other aspect of aspartame. If memory serves, GM bacteria
are used to produce human insulin. Should we
ban this?

David Wengraf
MA Biotechnological Law and Ethics
Sheffield University, UK