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Re: Aspartame: Achilles' Heel of the GE Industry

My friend has juvenile dieabetes, and when she had to change from bovine
insuline to GM-bact insuline several years ago a lot of uncontrollable
troubles started with her sugar-blood-balance. (night - hypo's and
sudden coma's) Since years now she is getting her animal insuline from
Denmark because in The Netherlands it is not available anymore.

Hans de Jonge <>

David Wengraf wrote:
> >Labelling of course means that when bad effects are caused by
> >Aspartame, we can convincingly show correlation
> >and possibly causation, and therefore empirically
> >demonstrate those bad health effects of Aspartame.
> Fine. No complaints here.
> >Because Aspartame is so bad, we logically
> >and theoretically therefore cannot fully trust
> >any other GE products.
> Why not? Is there any indication that the genetic modification caused these
> health problems, not some other aspect of aspartame.
> If memory serves, GM bacteria are used to produce human insulin. Should we
> ban this?
> David Wengraf
> MA Biotechnological Law and Ethics
> Sheffield University, UK
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