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Strategy of Vagueness via the word "Biotech"

RE: The Strategy of Intentional
Vagueness of the word "Biotech" by the
Genetic Engineering Industry

Oh, dear....

Very sorry if you were confused. I sincerely hope you don't also
confuse too many others. That's exactly what the genetic engineering
industry wants to do: confuse others so that they perceive
as little differentiation as possible between drugs,
traditional crossbreeding, and genetic engineering.

Peter Michael Ligotti

Being confused by the purpose of your list I showed it to 9 friends who
are all food safty activists.  None of them understood the point
either.  Most felt that the alternatives you selected connoted the exact
same things - with the exception of the two "Franken"terms which have
been effective against GM foods in Europe but have actually helped the
GM industry in North America.