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Re: Recalling GMOs, Labelling and safety

>Herve, I appreciate your efforts on our behalf. I would like to add that
>discussion is way too complicated for me. We are talking about my food
>I shouldn't have to be a Western-style biologist to figure out what I am
>to eat. If I can't pronounce it, I won't eat it. I prefer pesticides to
>genetically tampered food because I can reject pesticides. Pesticides don't
>contaminate organic farms the way GT does. I can choose organic produce and
>not eat pesticides, but the pollen of GT food drifts. Isn't that selfish!
>- Nina

I think I should point out here that pesticides can get onto organic crops,
but there's a threshold level for this. The organic industry is willing to
consider food organic, even if up to 5% was produced nonorganically.
Why is there a 5% threshold for pesticides, and a 0% for GM pollen?

David Wengraf
MA Biotechnological Law and Ethics
Sheffield University, UK