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I prefer pesticides to genetically tampered food because I can reject
pesticides. Pesticides don't contaminate organic farms the way GT does.
I can choose organic produce and not eat pesticides, but the pollen of
GT food drifts.  

Dear Nina,

If you eat their flesh or drink their body fluids, you consume
CONCENTRATED TOXINS.  There are no standards on the levels of
pesticides permitted in animal feed.   In Vermont, ATRAZINE
is sprayed on crops which are fed to cows.  Their milk is sold
to BEN & JEERY who convert it into Vanilla Fudge Swirl.

When cows no longer produce enough milk, you eat their flesh
on Burger King greaseburgers.

Given the choice, which would you rather include in your
diet,  products known to contain pesticides, or GMOs
that have not been shown to be unsafe for humans?

I have made my choice.  I no longer eat anything with a 
face.  Nor do I drink their body fluids.  I buy organically
grown fruits and vegetables, beans and grains.  When I am
unable to find ORGANIC, I buy American.  This way, I limit my 
consumption of DDT (which is permitted by other nations).

Robert Cohen