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Aspartame: Achilles' Heel of the GE Industry

Aspartame is not only genetically engineered,
but it's a genetically engineered chemical/drug being
marketed as a food additive. Like John Fagan
recently explained, it's created using GE bacteria.

It's the only genetically engineered product
for which we have virtual proof, clear record, and case
histories showing massive epidemic of
human disease, death and destruction.
Betty Martini has accumulated literally thousands
of these case histories.

As far as I know, it's the
ONLY genetically engineered food product on
the market now that's clearly labelled in the U.S.A.
AND documented as a public health debacle.

Labelling of course means that when bad effects are caused by
Aspartame, we can convincingly show correlation
and possibly causation, and therefore empirically
demonstrate those bad health effects of Aspartame.

Because Aspartame is so bad, we logically
and theoretically therefore cannot fully trust
any other GE products.

We have no seeds for Aspartame, we cannot grow
it in the ground, it does not reproduce.
(thank goodness) But please never think it off topic
in the slightest, and please do not
complain about long posts about the dangers
of Aspartame.

Aspartame is a MAJOR Achilles' heel for the GE Industry,
and a MAJOR weapon for those opposed to GE food.