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Re: Recalling GMOs, Labelling and safety

A small comment concerning the presence of DNA and/or protein in the oil. As far as
maize is concerned this depends very much on the refinementprocedure. In
cold-pressed oil, which is the oil that's good for health, definitely DNA and
protein or proteinfragments will be present. Only in very strongly refined oil
(heated) these traces will be gone but the oil will completely have lost its
nutritional value at that point. I do not know too much about the use of cotton oil
as food or feed. I understand it is somehow used. I wonder which parts of the
cottonplant are used for animalfeed.

Herve LE MEUR wrote:

> Hi all,
> >>>Herve wrote:
> >>>I've learnt recently that the coding sequence inserted is not
> >>>exactly the very same as the one in the natural Bt (i've not
> >>>put quotes around natural !).
> >>
> >>Herve: The protein produced is exactly the same as by the bacteria;
> >that
> >>is, the amino acid sequence is exactly the same.  In any case, again
> >for Bt
> >>cotton, there is no Bt or DNA in the oil, nor any difference in the
> >>composition of the oil.
> >I'm sorry but that is not completely correct:
> >The gene expressed in corn is a truncated* version of the Bacillus
> >thuringiensis toxin and the smallest fragment that still possesses
> >toxicity to insects. (Reference: M. Vaeck et al. Nature 328, 33-37,
> >1987(!)).
> May I notice that there is no contradiction between all these sentences ?
> The coding sequence differs OK, even if the final product may be the very same.
> I think Rick has mislead some persons saying something true, but inadequate.
> By the way, is the final really the very same ?
> If Heine Deelstra is right, the gene should have been truncated. But then
> how can it produce the right toxin ?
> Please, Rick notice that oil is sufficiently degradated not so leave enough DNA.
> But this does not prove that the protein Bt is the very same.
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