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Update: BIOTECH, and other Euphemisms, MORE Power Words

Update: BIOTECH, and other Euphemisms, MORE Power Words

Thanks to those who wrote with constructive suggestions
for additional terms to add. We now have a growing list of
euphemisms and more accurate power words.

The GE industry quite naturally wants to define
genetic engineering issues in terms that are vague
and obfuscatory and therefore favorable to their profitability.
This helps minimize GE awareness among themselves (as
adulterators of food) AND among those problematic consumers.

As I've said before, the
best example is that the GE industry wants to lump pharmaceuticals,
conventional crossbreeding, and GE all together and call
all these things "Biotech." It's also the best example
because even some of the most ardent oponents of
GE have fallen into line and regularly use this term.

I'm not telling activists/journalists what to do. I want to make
them a bit more aware of this aspect of the strategy of the GE

Please use these words:                     Please avoid these words:

Genetic Engineers
GE Industry                                 Biotech
Genetic Engineering Industry                Biotech Industry
Chemical Industry                           Biotech Companies
Genetic Engineering/Chemical Industry       Biotech Multi-nationals
Genetic Engineering Companies               Biotechnology
Genetic Engineering Multi-nationals         Biotechnologists
Frankenstein Food Industry                  Biotech food scientists
Frankenfood Industry                        Food scientists
Genetic engineering                         Gene Protection
Genetic manipulation                        Gene Control
GMOs                                        Directed Evolution
Genetically engineered food
Genetically manipulated food
Genetically tampered food
Mutated food
Lab-mutated food
Lab-created food
Test-tube created food
Frankenstein food
Food Technicians
Terminator Seeds