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Re: Recalling GMOs, Labelling and safety

Hi all,

>>>Herve wrote:
>>>I've learnt recently that the coding sequence inserted is not
>>>exactly the very same as the one in the natural Bt (i've not
>>>put quotes around natural !).
>>Herve: The protein produced is exactly the same as by the bacteria;
>>is, the amino acid sequence is exactly the same.  In any case, again
>for Bt
>>cotton, there is no Bt or DNA in the oil, nor any difference in the
>>composition of the oil.

>I'm sorry but that is not completely correct:
>The gene expressed in corn is a truncated* version of the Bacillus
>thuringiensis toxin and the smallest fragment that still possesses
>toxicity to insects. (Reference: M. Vaeck et al. Nature 328, 33-37,

May I notice that there is no contradiction between all these sentences ?

The coding sequence differs OK, even if the final product may be the very same.
I think Rick has mislead some persons saying something true, but inadequate.

By the way, is the final really the very same ?
If Heine Deelstra is right, the gene should have been truncated. But then
how can it produce the right toxin ?
Please, Rick notice that oil is sufficiently degradated not so leave enough DNA.
But this does not prove that the protein Bt is the very same.