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22. The first clearance for the use of a GM material in food production in
the UK was granted in 1990, when ACNFP consented to the use of a GM bakers'
yeast in bread-making. Its introduction, and that of the GM rennet in cheese
production, caused little concern on the part of the public.[30] Nor did the
more high-profile launch of GM tomato paste in 1996 which Sainsbury's were
the first to market. Sainsbury's experience illustrates a fundamental shift
in public perceptions which has subsequently occurred. The paste was sold
alongside its conventional equivalent but at a cheaper price and initially
outsold the non-GM variety by 2:1.

The first GM foods on the market in the UK were clearly labelled as such and
non-GM alternatives were readily available.

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David Wengraf
MA Biotechnological Law and Ethics
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