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Re: For Activists/Journalists -- GE Power Words to Use: Controlling the Language

Surely if you use the words on the left, your comments are as much
propaganda as what Monsanto et al say is?
Especially Frankenfood etc?
You don't promote rational debate with lines like that.

>Please use these words:                     Please avoid these words:

>Genetic Engineers
>GE Industry
>Genetic Engineering Industry                Biotech Industry
>Chemical Industry                           Biotech Companies
>Genetic Engineering/Chemical Industry       Biotech Multi-nationals
>Genetic Engineering Companies               Biotechnology
>Genetic Engineering Multi-nationals         Biotechnologists
>Frankenstein Food Industry                  Biotech food scientists
>Frankenfood Industry                        Food scientists
>Genetic engineering
>Genetic manipulation
>Genetically engineered food
>Genetically manipulated food
>Genetically tampered food
>Mutated food
>Lab-mutated food
>Lab-created food
>Test-tube created food
>Frankenstein food
>Food Technicians

David Wengraf
MA Biotechnological Law and Ethics
Sheffield University, UK.