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Re: BIOTECH, and other Euphemisms, Power Words, GE Rice

BIOTECH, and other Euphemisms, Power Words, GE Rice

I agree with Doreen, and I might have been wrong.
It might be that this particular
Rice may be GE.

I also realized that this fact only supports
my main point even further.

Whether or not the experimental
rice was GE doesn't matter. If it is GE, I don't think
it's being grown on a mass scale. (and if it
is, someone please let me know)

The genetic engineering industry wants to
obfuscate what has been genetically engineered with
what has been created with conventional crossbreeding.
They want to lump drugs, conventional crossbreeding,
and GE all together and call all these things "Biotech."

I think their strategy won't work.

Peter Michael Ligotti

Please use these words:                     Please avoid these words:

Genetic Engineers
GE Industry                                 Biotech
Genetic Engineering Industry                Biotech Industry
Chemical Industry                           Biotech Companies
Genetic Engineering/Chemical Industry       Biotech Multi-nationals
Genetic Engineering Companies               Biotechnology
Genetic Engineering Multi-nationals         Biotechnologists
Frankenstein Food Industry                  Biotech food scientists
Frankenfood Industry                        Food scientists
Genetic engineering
Genetic manipulation
Genetically engineered food
Genetically manipulated food
Genetically tampered food
Mutated food
Lab-mutated food
Lab-created food
Test-tube created food
Frankenstein food
Food Technicians


Date Posted: 05/23/1999
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Actually the rice mentioned in this article is genetically engineered.


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