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Release database

There is a new database about releases of GMO's available:

The database contains data about releases in the European Union, Germany
and USA. The data is collected from other public ressources and is mainly
interesting for historical and statistical purposes.

I would like to create a web interface which would allow to maintain a
database about releases of GMO's which is independent from governmental
sources or would at least provide additional information which you can't
get from governmental agencies. E. g. the European Union provides only very
basic information about the releases which isn't checked for accuracy. A
lot of countries have no register of releases at all or keeps it secret.

If there would be some dedicated people willing to maintain a release
database we could fill some gaps. An advance of such a database would be
also to provide information for activists opposing releases.

If someone is really interested to do some work in this respect I would be
glad to hear about. The technical solution isn't hard to implement - it
depends whether there are people willing to do the not very exciting work
of maintaining such a DB.

Werner Reisberger         public-key available:          voice: +41 1 3228069
Kreuzwiesen 12
CH-8051 Zurich