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For Activists/Journalists -- GE Power Words to Use: Controlling the Language

For Activists/Journalists -- GE Euphemisms and
More-Accurate Alternative Power Words to Use:
Controlling the Language


The genetic engineering industry has done everything possible
to confuse people by using the words "Biotech" and "Biotechnology"
to include any type of experimentation with plants and crops.

This rice strain (article below) looks to be produced by
conventional hybridization, which uses reproduction --
hence Nature is involved. That's not direct invasive
genetic engineering. Hence this rice is ok.

Monsanto, Novartis, etc. know very well that the terms
"Biotechnology" and "Biotech" can mean production of any biological
product: drugs, food additives,
food created through genetic engineering, AND food created
through ok crossbreeding and hybridization. So, in an on-going
effort to define themselves in a positive yet vague light,
and in order to hide what's really
going on, (GE of the food supply)
should never use these words. Make them use our words.
Look how successful the "terminator" seed term was.
At first, that was a term only used by activists.
In time, even Monsanto ended up using it !!
So this is very, very realistic.
And congratulations on the success of the term
"Frankenstein food." I am suggesting an extension of
those two great successes.

So please don't play into the hands of Monsanto, Novartis
and the rest of the GE industry. Please don't use their words
of choice when you mean Genetic Engineering or
Genetically Engineered food.

Peter Michael Ligotti

Please use these words:                     Please avoid these words:

Genetic Engineers
GE Industry
Genetic Engineering Industry                Biotech Industry
Chemical Industry                           Biotech Companies
Genetic Engineering/Chemical Industry       Biotech Multi-nationals
Genetic Engineering Companies               Biotechnology
Genetic Engineering Multi-nationals         Biotechnologists
Frankenstein Food Industry                  Biotech food scientists
Frankenfood Industry                        Food scientists
Genetic engineering
Genetic manipulation
Genetically engineered food
Genetically manipulated food
Genetically tampered food
Mutated food
Lab-mutated food
Lab-created food
Test-tube created food
Frankenstein food
Food Technicians

>  DATELINE: MANILA, May 17  BODY: The International Rice Research
> Institute
>  (IRRI) has developed a new rice strain which is resistant to
> bacterial
>  blight (BB). Dr. Swapan K. Datta, plant  biotechnologist,  supervised
> the
>  development of BB-resistant  genetically -modified rice with funding
>  support from the German government's Federal Ministry for Economic
>  Cooperation (BMZ). Through conventional breeding, the dominant gene
> for
>  resistance to BB from the wild species, Oryza longistaminata, was
> transferred to the cultivated variety
> IR24.
>  This gene was designated as Xa-21 and the line with Xa-21 as
> IRBB21.     The Xa-21 was isolated from IRBB21 and was used to
> transform elite cultivars (cultivated varieties).
>     The elite cultivar IR72 was  genetically  engineered with
> Xa-21 and a stable line was selected based on molecular analysis
> and inoculation tests conducted under transgenic greenhouse
> conditions.
>     Dr. Datta said "this transgenic line of IR72 has been
> evaluated under field conditions at Wuhan, People's Republic of
> China in collaboration with Dr. Qifa Zhang of the National Key
> Laboratory of Huazhong Agricultural University.     Fourth
> generation plants were challenged with three races of
> Xanthomonas oryzae, pv. oryzae.
>     Transgenic IR72 plants containing Xa-21 showed multiple race
> resistance to BB pathogens under field conditions.
> This study, Dr. Datta added, demonstrates IRRI's commitment to
> working partnerships with NARS under the Asian Rice
> Biotechnology  Network program supported by BMZ funding."
> LOAD-DATE: May 17, 1999