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CEO Shapiro, and Meditation: Monsanto in tune with Nature ?

CEO Shapiro, and Meditation:
Monsanto in tune with Nature ?

It would seem highly unlikely that Shapiro does
TM. (although Mr. Shapiro might have an off-the-wall
definition of TM). And it's totally preposterous to think
that he might be a member of the Natural Law party.
A major part of the NLP platform is to promote labelling
and long-term testing of these experimental food products.
Shapiro and NLP are not quite a good match right now.

May I point out that the article on Shapiro said
that HE was LEADING the retreat for his executives.
If he is the expert, leading his group, then you can
be fairly sure that he doesn't practice Maharishi Mahesh
Yogi's Transcendental Meditation technique. It could
be anything, it could any "technique" -- worshipping the
"gods" of genetic engineering or whatever. (Emphasis on WHATEVER)

It could be actively visualizing Monsanto leading the world
with global domination of the food supply, etc.

Whatever it is, I was always taught to evaluate a meditation
technique by the effects it produces in life, by the effects
that it produces in activity.

I want to remind people that Monsanto is a multi-national
corporation, a legally separate non-human entity incorporated
in Delaware for example, (or some other state) and Shapiro, even
as CEO, just simply works there. If Shapiro increases Monsanto's
profits, he keeps his job, if not, the shareholders will vote
a new CEO. So even if Shapiro was "pure and holy and without
blemish," (very very doubtful) he has to somehow increase
Monsanto's profits, or else he's out of there. Personally
I think Monsanto's best bet now is to totally turn, totally change,
and go into the organic food business. (yaaa right. dream on.....
who could trust them anyway ?)

There's no evidence that Monsanto wants to produce
natural products in harmony with Nature. Just because
someone does SOME KIND of meditation technique, certainly doesn't
mean for sure that 1) that the technique is a good technique
or 2) that the technique brings verifiable good results.

Also EVEN in the very unlikely case that he DOES properly
practice the TM technique, even in that best possible case...

1) he either doesn't practice it properly, or
2) he leads seminars for others although he is not qualified and/or
2) he has truly almost infinitely bad karma being
   CEO of Monsanto and/or
3) he doesn't listen to Maharishi, the founder of
   the TM movement, who has clearly indicated that
   genetically engineered food is very, very dangerous
   for both individual health, future personal and collective
   karma, and for the environment.

Whow!!!! Shapiro ... Won't we in the Natural Law Party be happy if it turns
out to be TM!!!!  Maybe a trick by his PR Dept to try and ruin our
campaign..... judging by the continuing controvesy in the UK and spreading
unease elsewhere - I would say too late!!!! Better still he should join our

Nestle are now under pressure in Germany following their announcement that
they are withdrawing GM in the UK. In Germany they introduced a snack bar
'Butterfingers' as their main push on GM products and it was aimed at young
people. So far it has been a flop and they are starting to remove it from
shelves!!!! A spokesman has said 'We will react to what the consumers want.
Butterfingers is our trial to test the market.' TEST OVER!!! 76% of youg
people in Germany do not want GM food.
The largest frozen food company in Germany, Frosta, is following the lead
of Iceland (UK company) and removing all GM ingrideants - they obviously
saw the good increase in Iceland's profits!!!
And finally - once more well done to Friends of the Earth for uncovering
the 'spin' behind yesterdays Government manouevors...

(report from the BBC)