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Re: Recalling GMOs, Labelling and safety

 >advantage. In terms of advantages to humans and the environment, the
 >important one is Bt cotton, and it can clearly be recalled.  Could you live
 >with just Bt cotton or would you continue to oppose even that?

I have not studied the issue because I think we only have experimental
cotton plots in the Philippines, and there has been no proposal to
experiment on GMO cotton.

However, there are lots of local experiments on rice and corn, which
are our staple crops, and the slightest negative impact will affect
our food supply.

By the way, the Cornell study on the deadly effect of Bt corn pollen
on the monarch butterfly apparently means that the refuge management
approach for delaying resistance will not work well, because the
refuge is supposed to be Bt-free and yet near the Bt crop. Bt-bearing
pollen can disperse over the refuge and expose target insects to low
doses of Bt which can lead to the development of resistance even in
the refuge.

Roberto Verzola