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Re: Bt corn


I would like to add some more arguments :
- even if Bt corn is not toxic to humans, the effects of animals eating the
 corn that produces a pesticide is not studied.
- I maintain that the Bt is only "similar" as mentions the EPA study.

I'll risk myself in a topic that's not mine, but I guess that some one will
correct me if I'm wrong :

Some codons give the same aminoacid in the protein produced by a gene.
It happens that some species have some codons prefered to code for an aminoacid
So, if you take the sequence of bp in Bt,
and that you insert it in corn, you may perfectly well not have enough quantity.
It seems that one do not know why (maybe some on this list ?).

Then, a "simple" modification consists in replacing some codons unusual in corn 
by other codons more usual in corn (but less in the bacterium) that
will give the very same aminoacid.

So the toxin at the end might be the same with a different coding gene.
Of course, I do not speak of the promotor, nor of the terminator (no link
with Terminator).

Any correction ?