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Re: human trials, archive 1218

 >Is the basic physiology of humans greatly different from animals?  Why then
 >must we value human trials above those on animals?


I am surprised that a scientist like you would even ask such a
question. For any claim to become part of scientific knowledge, it
must be verified through a scientific experiment, otherwise it remains
an a priori claim and an untested hypothesis. Even lay persons know
that they can't eat everything that is safe for rats to eat.

By the way, can you do a search for any controlled GE feeding
experiments that have been done on primates? (Or are there none too?)

 >I'd be happy to participate in human trials of GE foods, and was likely one
 >of the first to eat Bt vegetables including raw.  However, rats are more

Yes, why don't you do that? A 10-year experiment on yourself, with
regular medical check ups posted on this list so that we can all
monitor what's going on. Perhaps, you can get other molecular
biologists to volunteer themselves: the luckier ones can be control,
others can take Bt corn regularly, still others Bt potato, and some
more Round-up Ready soya... Seriously, why not?

Roberto Verzola