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Re: corporate shills

At 17.47 18/05/99 -0600, you wrote:
>In my lobbying and researching, I have gotten to know many dozens of
>people like Mr. Roush.  Regardless of how often I disagree with many of
>them, I have almost ALWAYS found that they chose biotechnology as their
>life work because they genuinely believed that they could make a
>difference in alleviating human suffering, contributing positively to
>international development, and /or protecting humanity from future
>disaster.  They may be wrong, but they are human just like you and I and
>have the same personal goals and fundamental values; I have gotten to
>know enough people on both sides of the fence to never again doubt
>that.  Experts have invariably become experts because they believe in
>their field of study.
>I understand that many people openly disagree with my observations of
>human motivations.  I am not going to attempt to defend my own
>perception.  If you disagree, please consider my earlier point about
>maintaining a voice.  We are just as intelligent as any others, let us
>be viewed that way.

I *completely* understand your human motivations. I have also found many
people that genuinely believe in what they do, with the aim of alleviating
human suffering and contributing positively to world development, also if
it was not my view.

At the beginning as was thinking that Don Moroc's messagge
>> to have a pair of corporate shills like Rick Roush, why we let these PR
>> clowns waste a lot of our time is beyond me.

was wasting *me* and *all the list* a lot of time (and phone costs to
download such kind of messagge). However, it turn out that I have found
people like you and Robert Cohen, with enough *comprehension* for other


Maurizio Ventura

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not the problem."