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Re: corporate shills

I relate thoroughly to your frustration with other peoples persistence.  

I am a strong environmentalist and am very active in trying to protect
our future.  I read countless lists, editorials, and scientific journals
and dialogue constantly - lobbying to protect our species from future
environmental, and social catastrophes.  I feel that I have often made a
difference in swaying the direction of our decision making
This is why I ask that my fellow interested "non-professionals" (like
yourself, Don) try to resist the urge to personally attack people like
Rick.  It seriously damages our credibility and ability to participate
in collective decision making.  

People opposed to GE technology often have valid and valuable views -
critical views that can NOT be dis-regarded; unfortunately those views
are often dis-regarded because those people are seen as demonizers and
not valuable thinkers in the area at hand.  The minute a person gets
angry enough to attack an individuals personal values it appears obvious
to an outsider that that person has stopped (or never was) thinking
clearly about the issue at hand.

In my lobbying and researching, I have gotten to know many dozens of
people like Mr. Roush.  Regardless of how often I disagree with many of
them, I have almost ALWAYS found that they chose biotechnology as their
life work because they genuinely believed that they could make a
difference in alleviating human suffering, contributing positively to
international development, and /or protecting humanity from future
disaster.  They may be wrong, but they are human just like you and I and
have the same personal goals and fundamental values; I have gotten to
know enough people on both sides of the fence to never again doubt
that.  Experts have invariably become experts because they believe in
their field of study.

I understand that many people openly disagree with my observations of
human motivations.  I am not going to attempt to defend my own
perception.  If you disagree, please consider my earlier point about
maintaining a voice.  We are just as intelligent as any others, let us
be viewed that way.

Trevor Lien.

Maroc wrote:
> Every list on which I participate dealing with ag biotech or forestry seems
> to have a pair of corporate shills like Rick Roush, why we let these PR
> clowns waste a lot of our time is beyond me.
> Don Maroc
> Vancouver Island, Canada
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