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Maroc wrote:
Every list on which I participate dealing with ag biotech or forestry
seems to have a pair of corporate shills like Rick Roush, why we let
these PR clowns waste a lot of our time is beyond me. 

Dear friends,

I am 47 years old and remember reading Silent Spring by Rachel Carson
when it first was published.  I recently re-read it.

Rachel Carson wrote about DDT and died of breast cancer shortly after
writing her courageous book.

DDT, a poison is no longer used in America, but it is used all over the

Rick is so AGAINST the dangerous pesticides in use today that he seeks a
safe alternative.  Given the choice, he has made his selection, and
adamantly defends GE over DDT.

Given the issues, I say that both are poison, but we currently face only
five choices.

1) Use pesticides
2) Use GE technology
3) Buy organic
4) Grow your own
5) Contemplate your belly button and absorb nutrients from the air.

Robert Cohen