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Re: reply to Nina about conflict of interest

    I have recently spoken to a sales representative of Genetic ID in an attempt
to find someone to test some of our products. Their tests are very expensive, and
Genetic ID requires that the farmers be certain to start with that the products
contain no GMOs. They offered to set up an certification program for our farmers,
but to do so, we would have to wait until next year because Genetic ID requires
that see be testing before planting (I was told that you can't trust the seed
companies to keep GMOs out of non-GMO seed), on-site testing, isolation for
cross-bred crops, and testing after harvest.When I asked if we could get testing
for corn that's already in storage or will be harvested this year, they stated
that they wouldn't want to stake THEIR reputation on it. After all, I was told,
"We are the only company in the world offering these kinds of tests." When I said
that they sounded like they didn't mind sticking it to the farmer, they replied
that the were, after all, a company that needed to make money. SO, despite the
fact that many of our farmers here have not ever grown GMOs and  have stocks from
several years ago before GMOs were grown here, we were seen as a very "risky"
venture for Genetic ID. And, since then, I've found several other companies that
offer tests as well and more keep forming every day. Why is that I wonder? Maybe
because there is a huge PROFIT to be made, and as usual, the farmer is the one
stuck with the bill. wrote:

> Dr. Fagan refused a very large grant because of its support of genetic
> engineering. He subsequently founded Genetic ID because of his belief systems
> and his commitment to challenging the genetic engineering of food. To me,
> this is quite the opposite of starting with a career interest and weaving
> propaganda about "substantial equivalence", "higher yields" and other
> unsubstantiated claims, in order to support a career decided upon in
> undergraduate school.
> Most of the people I know who are activists against genetic engineering make
> little or no money from what they are doing.
> - Nina
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