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Hi all,

I've learnt recently that the coding sequence inserted is not
exactly the very same as the one in the natural Bt (i've not
put quotes around natural !).
So, not only should we check the effect of Bt, but also the
effects of the gene that produces the Bt.

By and large, the explanation of the differences is that some codons
are unusual in some species (nobody seems to know why) and can be
replaced by other codons that are much more frequent in the host

This does not say that the Bt is different (think it's the same).
It says (if I've well understood) that the gene is not the very
same (of course I'm not
even speaking of the promoter nor of the terminator of the gene).

That should be a reason to study not only the pesticide and the
corn separated, but also the whole GMO as a producer of pesticide,
and as a food for animals and as a food for humans.