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Personal Choice, Ground-Up Cars and Planes, Etc.

Personal Choice, Ground-Up Cars and Planes, Etc.

In my opinion, people in general should be fully informed
of all risks (in or out of a car, eating or not
eating GMOs) and be free to make their choices.

People have known about risks related to cars and
planes for decades.

On the other hand, most people don't yet even know
that they are eating GMOs -- and they also don't know
what the risks are.

Again, there have been no long-term peer-reviewed longitudinal
studies, AND there are serious doubts regarding their short or
long term safety.

That itself is enough for me.
Therefore, I personally myself
freely and independently choose to
work for a 100% total worldwide ban.
I don't have to answer, prove, or explain why
to Rick, although I occasionally might try a little bit.

It's the genetic engineering industry that has
the burden of proving the safety of their radical
patented "substantially equivalent" products.

I hope Rick realizes
that that I am allowed to make that personal choice.
It certainly doesn't mean that I have to also try to ban
cars and planes -- NOTE: if we were being FORCED into unwanted
dangerous situations regarding cars and planes
without our knowledge, choice, or consent, OR
if we were being forced to eat ground up cars
and planes, THEN I might consider supporting such a ban)

I can hardly
find any person on earth
who wants to risk their personal health or
the environment by releasing and eating GMOs
(outside of the genetic engineering
industry and their friends and supporters)
Even Dan Glickman, the U.S. Agricultural Secretary,
has said that he chooses to feed his family
organic food instead of GMOs.


Peter has missed my point.  I wasn't raising the risks of flying IN a plane
(which you accept when you fly), but the risks of being on the ground when
other people are flying.  I suppose I could have raised the same question
about cars; people NOT in cars (eg., on sidewalks) are killed all the time
when drivers lose control, often when drunk.

Will you campaign to ban cars, airplanes, and alcohol because they also
have risks to your personal safety that you CANNOT control?


Children, risk and personal choice

The point I make,
is that if we fly in a plane, we are choosing
to take the risk of a crash or near crash.
Flying, driving, or riding in a car (or choosing not to)
is a personal choice.

In the same way, people
have the right to be fully informed about GE food, and to decide
whether they think the potential benefits outweigh the risks
for them personally. They have the right to have peer-reviewed
long-term studies on health and the environment and then
they have the right to make an informed decision regarding
their personal choice to have their children eat, not eat,
or to work hard to insure a 100% total ban of GE food.

It's certainly not ethical to force GE food down the throats of
people who don't want it and/or down the throats of those
who wouldn't want it IF THEY KNEW ABOUT IT.

The fact is that for many, there are legitimate and

Since I am myself personally convinced catastrophe is inevitable,
I support a total ban, especially on the stealth
marketing of unlabelled GE food.

Supporting a total ban is my personal choice.

If the airline industry forced people to take risky flights
in dangerous high winds and electrical storms,
without their knowledge or consent,
I would support a 100% total ban on those flights also.

But we've been through this way too many times.
Almost any child can understand these points.
Therefore, I choose to no longer debate these things,
which to my mind, are fairly elementary and self-evident.


And about risks we choose:

Ligotti, Maurizio's example was perhaps not the best.  How about airplanes?
Airplanes fall down, sometimes killing people on the ground, and you have
little choice in when or where they fly.  Never mind the noise! Airplanes
are also increasing in numbers. Will you also seek to ban airplanes?

The remark about strapping someone on the front of the car is either an
illegal threat or just plain childish, especially the part about getting
someone else to do it.