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How do you recall GMOs?

 >Peter has missed my point.  I wasn't raising the risks of flying IN a plane
 >(which you accept when you fly), but the risks of being on the ground when
 >other people are flying.  I suppose I could have raised the same question
 >about cars; people NOT in cars (eg., on sidewalks) are killed all the time
 >when drivers lose control, often when drunk.
 >Will you campaign to ban cars, airplanes, and alcohol because they also
 >have risks to your personal safety that you CANNOT control?

OK, let's add cars, nuclear power, pesticides, plastics, etc. to the

All these things above, we can continue to debate, and should the
overwhelming majority decide they are bad for humanity, we can all
agree to phase them out. In fact, this is what some people already
advocate. The radioactivity and the nonbiodegradables are quite bad,
because it will take a long, long time for them to
dissipate/break-down. At least, they eventually will...

Not so with GMOs. With GMOs, we measure not half-lifes but doubling
times. As they double, the risk associated with them also doubles.
Given enough time, even the smallest non-zero risk if it doubles
repeatedly will eventually reach near certainty. None of the
scientists I've asked, including you Dr. Roush, have replied
satisfactorily to my question: if we realize in the future that the
harm the GMOs pose is unacceptable, how do you propose to recall them?

Roberto Verzola