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FDA regulators of transgenic products are generally recruited directly
from the biotechnology industry and then return to it when their stint
in government is done.

Since "regulators" is plural, may I have another name after Margaret
Miller, PhD? 

Sure.  How about Suzanne Sechen, PhD,  Monsanto researcher who went to
work for FDA?  How about C. Everett Koop, ex-Surgeon General who went to
work for Monsanto as a lobbyist?  How about King and Spalding MONSANTO
attorney, Clarence Thomas, now on the Supreme Court?  How about another
attorney from that same firm, Michael Taylor, Esq. who was hired to be
second most powerful man at FDA, then was appointed to be an
UNDER-SECRETARY at USDA?  Taylor wrote the new policies regarding
labeling of genetically engineered foods.

How about President Bill Clinton who mentioned MONSANTO in his State of
The Union Address three years ago as:

The Company to take us into the 21st century?

Do you think these things are all coincidences, or part of a careful
strategy and plan?

Robert Cohen
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