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Rick Roush wrote:

I know several government regulators in the US and Australia,
and NOT ONE has ever worked for any company with interests
related to their regulatory responsibilities. 

Dear Rick,

You're hanging out with the RIGHT crowd!  :>)

The greatest controversy in FDA history involved the
first genetically engineered food, MILK.

Monsanto's top dairy scientist, Margaret Miller, PhD,
left Monsanto in the middle of the approval process
and went to work at FDA where she reviewed her own research.

She had developed test for rbST/rbGH in milk, yet FDA relieved
Monsanto from the responsibility of creating such a test.

How do I know this?  I filed a FREEDOM OF INFORMATION
act request for her job application and she admitted

Once at FDA, she issued a new protocol for dairy farmers
which increased the allowable levels of antibiotics in milk by one
hundred times!  (Cows in test herds were getting mastitis
so Miller saved the day for Monsanto).

Monsanto had created a FREAK amino acid (replacing lysine
in the #144 position with epsilon-N-acettylysine).  They never
informed FDA.  Millere should have known this, and as a 
government researcher, should have protected the puhlic, not her
old employer.

Robert Cohen
P.O. Box 36
Oradell, NJ 07649