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<< Putting aside the defamatory implication that no one in government can be
 trusted, who is left to do the work that meets your approval?  Even
 University researchers need funding from with government or industry to do
 the experiments. >>

Good point, Mr. Roush! The "science" of biotechnology is drowned in a 
conflict of interest. The results they produce cannot be spoken of as science 
in the same sense as we understand science from Newton, Gauss, or Einstein. 
Biotechnology has a vested interest in marketing its products quickly, and 
that of course conflicts with the production of long-term feeding trials. 
Steven Druker expressed the opinion that if 7-10 years of human feeding 
trials were required to test the safety of transgenic food, it would put the 
whole gene-food enterprise out of business. Labeling GMO's for the consumer 
has also been cited as "just too expensive and impractical." Sorry if the 
cost of doing business is so high!
 <<Personally I must reject the view that government regulatory "agents" can't
 be trusted. The must be at least as reliable as professional critics such
 as those in Greenpeace and FOE, who have a financial interest in keeping
 people worried. >>

The "financial interest" of organizations like Greenpeace and FOE, which 
exist largely on the basis of volunteer time, and whose profit apparently 
comes from selling a product called "keeping people worried." Thank you from 
George Orwell! Would you like to live on their salaries? (by all means, 
include their stock options and other perks!)

FDA regulators of transgenic products are generally recruited directly from 
the biotechnology industry and then return to it when their stint in 
government is done.

- Nina Moliver